4 reasons to choose
algrow over other

Why choose between growth & safety?
This model is perfect for you if you’re expecting higher returns while the money you’ve invested stays safe. Only the best-performing funds have been chosen to design algrow for you.

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Created after incisive
research spanning 20 yrs
Our smart algorithm utilizes research to monitor the past performance of the selected funds. Based on this data, it switches between equity and debt accurately, so your investments are always safeguarded.
Gain greater returns than a PF or FD offer – the cost-efficient way! The only price to be paid is the nominal transaction cost.
Make the best of
every market condition
Receive 10%* minimum returns even if the markets are low. For higher returns, invest for more than 5 yrs.
*applicable only on a recommended
duration of 3 yrs. or more.
Continuous investments,
better returns
The longer you stay invested, the more your money multiplies. The power of compounding creates wealth for you over the long-term.


AlGrow is an AI based Mutual Fund Advisory services, which delivered 20%* returns. Algrow identifies investment themes across the AMCs and selects the best categories within AMC with higher risk-to-reward potential.

Unlike Traditional Mutual Funds, Algrow is a structured product with MF schemes as an underlying scheme. It is an actively managed scheme that selects schemes from various mutual fund categories based on quantitative output generated through a blend of algorithms. Algrow's distinct advantage is that it can deliver superior returns in comparison to standard mutual fund schemes.

You can start investment as low as Rs. 25,000/- as one time investment or Rs 2,000/- in SIP mode (Rs. 5,000 as initial investment)

We charge advisory fees of Rs. 1000/- or 2% of the invested amount (whichever is higher) renewable every year.

No, there is no lock-in period with AlGrow. However, we recommend you to keep invested for long term to reap optimum returns.

Our goal is to assist clients in managing their funds by utilizing our strategic expertise and essential resources, for which we charge advisory fees. We strive to deliver better returns with a hassle-free one-click execution, surpassing the returns offered by traditional mutual funds.

Currently, the frequency is monthly; but the Rating exercise is carried out quarterly, for example, in March, June, Sept, and Dec at the end of the month.

The exit load is applicable in Equity mutual funds. The exit load is charged at 1% only if the investment is exited 12 months from the investment date.

The underlying instrument of Algrow is mutual funds only, which can be open-ended schemes of different categories.

Algrow is suitable for each of the individual, who are new to investments and want to build wealth for themselves for long term. It is an All-Weather product that reduces volatility without impacting the long-term returns.